Legit Auction Sites



So what exactly makes a legit auction site? You’ll want to make sure that a site is the real deal before you place your first bid and buy any bid packs. According to Wikipedia, the online auction business model is one in which participants bid for products and services over the internet.  Fortunately there are sites that are in fact the “real deal”. Some sites are actually legit, however there are some sites that are a total scam and are there just to rip you off. While we have joined several membership and auction sites, the only one that we can recommend with complete confidence is AuctionResource.org

The question is how do you tell a legit auction site from sites that are not so legit. It can be really hard to pick out the legit auction sites. There are several different ways you can determine if a site is legit before you start losing money.


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Read Reviews


There are tons of sites on the web that are dedicated to providing consumer reviews. Finding legit auction sites can be accomplished by reading some of these independent reviews. From all of the sites that we have reviewed, the most popular choice of all auction sites is probably AuctionResource.org. They are an auction listing service that has appx. 4000 auction listings at a time. While the claim on their site is that customers who join can save up to 90% off the retail price, from our experience and from reviews of others, the savings are more in the 50% to 60% range.


So for example, if you were interested in joining AuctionResource.org, you would do a Google, Yahoo or Bing search for such terms as “AuctionResource.org review” or “AuctionResource.org reviews” or even “AuctionResource.org scam”. So whatever site you want to find more info on, just follow these steps.



Do Some Research


Most of the legit auction sites will have a ‘contact’ page as well as a ‘FAQ’ page. If you can’t find either one of these without searching through the entire site, stay away. We usually skip on a site if these two pages are not clearly stated on the sites home page.



Tried and True


There are some big legit auction sites such as Ebay that have become household names. Look for sites that have been in business for awhile. Usually a site that has been around for awhile can be counted among the legit auction sites. Longevity typically points to legitimate business practices.




There are certain signs that a website is not legitimate those signs include “the too good to be true factor”. It is absolutely astounding how many people will fall for the too good to be true scheme. If someone is offering you something that seems too good to be true than it probably is.


If you are asked to buy bids up front, this is not a very legitimate way to do business. Another huge red flag that points to the fact that the site is probably less than legitimate is if everyone else claims they have been ripped off. Keep in mind that buying bids and paying a membership fee are two totally different things. Membership fees are o.k. as long as it’s not a monthly fee. I think AuctionResource.org has become so popular because they charge a one time fee with no recurring fees.


Bottom Line


Consumers should definitely do their homework before placing any types of bids. This is especially true when it comes to penny auction sites. Many of these are fly by night companies so it’s better to go with a site that has been around for a while that you can research before you join.


Good luck and happy bidding!





Legit Online Auction Sites


There is always a lot of buzz about which of the online auction sites is among the legit online auction sites. There are far more legit online auction sites than there are scam sites. The public is usually a bit weary of any online venue unless it is one with a strong reputation.  


Finding legit online auction sites is as easy as point and click. There are so many websites now that are dedicated to providing you with information about which sites are legit and which sites you should avoid. All you have to do is your homework. 


The Obvious  


There are some legit online auction sites that are obvious. Think EBay! There was a time which seems like a life time ago that Ebay was a new innovative online auction site. Think of the deals that the skeptics missed out on when Ebay was a start up, now Ebay is the standard.  


There are other sites that are obviously legit online auction sites.  


Tell Tale Signs 


You can actually figure out which online auction sites are legit by looking for a few signs. The top five signs to look for are: 


  • Customer Service Info 
  • Payment Protection 
  • Rating System 
  • Site Layout 
  • Positive Reviews 


The legit online auction sites all have a means of contacting customer service that is beyond a simple web form. A good indicator that a site is legit is that you can pick up the phone and contact customer service.  


Another indicator that the site you are considering is legit is the payment protection system. Pay Pal should always be accepted if it is not than you risk not having the protection that you need.  


Rating systems should be in place. Rating systems provide two things: A way to rate a person that has sold you something and a way to see how well that person has done in the past.  


Site layout is also a good measure, if the site looks like a five year old put it together than you should probably opt out for another site.  


Positive unsolicited reviews from independent websites are a good indicator that a site is legit.  


You are far more likely to find legit online auction sites than you are to come across a site that is simply a scam but that does not mean that you should not do you homework before you start to lay down your cash.  



What Are the Best Auction Sites Out There? 


There are many different auction sites online. Finding the best auction sites will largely depend on what you category you are looking at. Each auction site caters to different types of items. For example there are hundreds of penny auction sites. 


Here is a list of top ten sites with a smattering of both penny auction sites and regular sites. 


Ebay of course is still top on the list. There are a couple of reasons that Ebay stays on top. The first and foremost is because of the category of items that are offered on Ebay. You can find just about any thing you can think of on Ebay. The items that are available are just about unlimited. The other reason that Ebay is number one is because of the extensive amount of verification that is involved with selling on the site. Security is a big priority on this site which is a great way to shop! 


Ubid.com is probably Ebay's biggest competition. Ubid also offers a verification system to keep you a bit safer while you are shopping. Ubid also has a large range of categories and a large community of both sellers and buyers. 


Bidz.com is an auction site with a bit of a twist. The seller at Bidz.com is the site itself. Bidz.com buys lots of close out goods and auctions it off on the site. All of the merchandise being sold is in new condition. The website offers a generous return policy and receives high ratings from its users. 


Sotuhbeachbids.com is an upscale auction site. You can expect to find high end jewelry and big ticket electronics. There are a lot of unique items up for grabs. This is a site that is meant to be used for high dollar luxury items. 


On the other end of the spectrum is Beezid.com. Beezid.com is a penny auction site. Penny auction sites offer you the opportunity to buy big ticket items for pennies on the dollar. Beezid.com is one of the top rated penny auction sites. 


Quibids.com is also a top rated penny auction site that is very popular for a couple of reasons. Most people find that quibids.com is easy to use and found the inventory to be interesting. If penny auctions are your thing than Quibids.com is the place to go. 


Dealdash.com is also easily rated as one of the top ten auction sites. Dealdash.com offers many of the similar qualities that Ebay offers with lower fees. Dealdash.com enjoys high ratings for customer service. 


Oztion.com is a unique auction site that deserves a look. What makes Oztion.com unique is the live streaming auctions that are offered. Oztion.com also offers no fee listings. Your item can be listed for free for 30 days if you decide to re list it if it does not sell than you will be charged a small fee. 


Cqout.com is an auction website that charges a small fee to buyers that have won the auction. Sellers are not charged a fee. Cqout.com does a good job of presenting a wide variety of options for both buying and selling. 


Epier.com also makes the top ten list because although there are fees associated with buying on Epier.com listing is free. The fees are lower than Ebay and the site has a wide variety of items.


But probably the best liked auction site according to our reviewers is Auctionresource.org so you may want to check them out as well.