Review – Is a Scam? Review – Is a Scam?  


The review shows that this is a website that caters to buying and selling salvaged vehicles. There is a fee to join the site and to be able to bid. Salvaged vehicles are always a risk. Sometimes you can find a salvaged vehicle that has some minor body damage but just don't know what lurks beyond the obvious. 


The fee structure looks like this: starter account is free for fourteen days on the fifteenth day you are automatically upgraded to a premium account and charged $150, you have to have a $400 deposit on hand to be able to bid this deposit is refundable when you complete your transaction. Speaking of which there is a $200 transaction fee on every vehicle that you win at auction. There is also an auction fee which is 10% of the winning bid. is not actually the place the vehicles come from they actually come from is a registered broker with You may be better off heading right over to and you may save some money in the process by going right to the source. Or you may want to check out as many people have reported great savings using this service. 


You can arrange to either pick your vehicle up at one of the copart locations or you can arrange to have your vehicle delivered for an additional fee. 


How It Works 


Once you get through the registration you can start bidding. If you win your vehicle than you have until the next business day at 5:00 pm to pay by wire transfer for your winnings. In the event that you do not make payment by the next business day than you will be charged a $50 per day penalty fee. If after 7 days you still have not wired the money than you will be forfeited the item and lose your $400 deposit for restocking fees. 


You have ten days to either have the delivery people there to get the vehicle out of the copart facility or to get it yourself. If the vehicle is not picked up within the ten day time frame than you will be charged another $20 per day. If in the event 17 days go by than your vehicle will be towed to a different facility and you will be responsible for the towing charges and storage facility charges. 


Is It Worth It?


Copart has a long standing reputation for delivering the goods. Many of the cars are in good shape and may even be drivable but you have to know a little something about cars to make a good choice on this website. 


Don't expect to find a high end car in great condition for pennies on the dollar. If you keep your eyes wide open and are ready to play by the very strict rules than yes it may be worth it. 


Overall, the reviews show that this is a legit service and is not a scam, however using a service like is probably a better option for finding a deal online.