– Is This Site Legit or a Scam? – Is This Site Legit or a Scam?

If you have not heard of than you have not been paying attention. is one of the most popular penny auction sites on the internet. The popularity stems from an excellent media campaign that really got the word out about While there are many penny auctions out there that offer legit deals, most people still seem to prefer using a service like for finding great deals online so you may want to check them out also.


Of course advertising can only do so much, this site has really earned its reputation as a stand-up penny auction site. Beezid offers a lot of freebies on its site and has a really great inventory selection. These two factors alone are enough to propel this site to the top of the penny auction heap!

Beezid Review - The Bids

As with all penny auction sites you have to purchase bids up front before you ever place a bid. The goal with penny auction sites is always to pay as little as you can for the bids and get as much freebies as you can. Beezid offers a nice cross between of the two.

You can pay as low as .60 a bid AND get a bunch of free bids just for signing up and creating an account. There are other ways to earn more free bids. I think it is awesome when a site like this lets you get your feet wet with their money not yours!

Beezid Reviews - The Site

There are no complaints about the site as far as navigation is concerned. There is a lot of information offered on the site that at first is a bit overwhelming. They could tone things down a bit to make it a little less stimulating. Of course on the upside you have no problem getting around and understanding what works on the site.

The Inventory

Beezid has some of the best penny auction inventory! This is really what has propelled Beezid to the top the penny auction pile. There are plenty of high dollar items being auctioned off to make it worth your while. There is everything from laptops and tablets to gift cards.

Unlike some of the other penny auction sites that are gift card heavy Beezid has managed to have more electronics and high dollar items than gift cards.

Beezid is a well-established penny auction site that offers items for pennies on the dollar. The bidding is fast paced but there are special auctions for first timers which evens the playing field a bit and gives you an opportunity to get involved without getting in over your head.

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Overall, the reviews show this to be a legit site and is not a scam, however most people still prefer using a service like for find deals online.