Beezid Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam



Beezid Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam? 








The Beezid reviews shows that this site is slowly becoming a household name. Just about anyone in theUS that has a TV has seen the commercials. This is a penny auction website that has really taken the reigns and has become the leader of the pack. While there are deals to be had at any penny auctions, most people we review prefer using a service like for finding deals on big ticket items. 




The Beezid reviews shows that this is a penny auction website that like all penny auction websites requires that you buy bids up front to participate in the auction with. According to Wikipedia, the online auction business model is one in which participants bid for products and services over the internet. While I was there they were offering ten free bids to register. I like freebies.  



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Typically ten free bids though are not enough to win anything but if you play your cards right and bid at the right time of the day you could win more bid packs by using your ten free bids.  

The cost of the bids at range in cost from fifty cents to ninety cents depending on the size of the bid pack that you purchase, the larger the pack the lower the cost of the bids.  



Items has managed to secure and offer a full range of high end items. This has really propelled them into a force to be reckoned with. Most penny auction sites unfortunately offer gift cards as the majority of their stock which is disappointing.




This site is obviously well thought out and professionally designed. There are plenty of penny auction sites that are equally well laid out but this site just has a professional feel that most penny auction sites lack.  


The site is informative and most questions you have will be easily addressed on the site. The contact information contains phone numbers and a physical address which I always like.  


The policies and terms are easy to read.  





I searched around to see if  I could find any negative reviews but I did not find anything negative other than the usual whining of folks that lost a the auction. I did not find anything from anyone that talked about not getting an item or that pointed toward any kind of fraud.



 This website is a good safe bet for penny auction participation. It would be fair to say that is a leader in the penny auction industry. Take advantage of the free bids to take a look around. This is a good site for the novice and the more advanced participant.  


Overall, the Beezid reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however consumers may have better luck finding a deal at












































 Review – Is Beezid Legit or a Scam? 


The review shows that this is another penny auction site. I might add that it is one of my favorite Penny Auction sites. It is my favorite for several different reasons! The biggest reason is the freebies. This is the most generous site on the web when it comes to freebies. 


All penny auction sites have at least one thing in common. You have to pay before you play. You have to buy bids up front before you ever get to bid on anything. Right out the gate you lose money on penny auctions. 


Here is how it works. You buy bids usually at  a cost somewhere between forty cents and one dollar,those bids are only worth one cent each. This of course means that you instantly lose between thirty nine cents and ninety nine cents. Getting as much as you can for free really counts on these sites. offers plenty of freebies. Take a look: 


                     30 bids for signing up 

                     earn free bids for referrals 

                     use bids that you lost in the beezid store 


This may not seem like a lot of giveaways but when you consider that the average for signing up to a penny auction site is around 10 free bids than you are way ahead of the game at 




The Beezid reviews show that the inventory at needs a little work. The usual gift card fare and bid packs are rampant. There are quite a few good high end items to bid on but there always could be more. Although compared to other sites does offer far more options for high end bidding. 


A Couple of Things I did not Like 


Every site can stand some improvement. does not escape the need to improve. The site is a bit busy, which can be confusing. It would work better if the site was a little more straight forward. It is a busy site which also can be a bit overwhelming but it is billed as entertainment shopping so I guess you could say that all that busy stuff does make things more entertaining. 


I also did not like that finding answers to my questions was difficult. There is just too much information supplied, it makes finding the littlest piece of information difficult. 




I am not ashamed to say I really like this site. I just like getting free stuff and I like the generally happy atmosphere of the site. I say give it a try you may just like it. 


Subscription Price $0 

Number of Items: 100 

Geographical Location Nation Wide 


Overall, the Beezid reviews show that is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online.