Reviews – Is Bidcactus Legit or a Scam? Reviews – Is Bidcactus Legit or a Scam?  



The Bidcactus reviews show that this is a penny auction site. Penny auctions are billed as entertainment shopping. They are more of a contest than they are auction. You purchase bid packs up front and use them to place bids. While there are some deals to be had using penny auctions, it you’re someone looking for a deal on a big ticket item you should try a site like 




The exchange for bid packs are not 100% you buy the bids at for seventy five cents per bid and at auction time each bid is worth one cent. This typically how penny auctions work.  






Penny auctions are notorious for only offering a handful of high value items while offering tons of bid packs and gift cards. actually has pretty decent inventory up for grabs which is nice.  



When I visited there were TV’s Stereo equipment, laptops, Ipads and other electronics of course there was the normal fare of gift cards. There was some really unusual items too like an MLB coaster set with real field dirt which for me was a plus because my beloved Yankees were on a set – definitely worth a bid or two.  


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The Bidcactus reviews show that the website is well laid out and user friendly however there was a lot of information offered in the FAQ section which I like. They do offer some tips and tricks which is nice. The contact information is comprehensive which I also like.  




This site is legit, as legit as any penny auction site is. Lets face facts penny auctions are not popular because people are winning left and right they are popular because they are good at selling you the dream.  


Who doesn’t want to win that 52 inch flat screen for ninety nine cents? Anyone that has a little bit of gambler in them wants to take a shot. Overall though this site is legit which means that it stands by its products and does not scam you or trick you out of your money.  It is what it is.  


Unique Trait 


At they have something called the rewards store where you can redeem points that you earned simply by bidding. I like this because at most penny auction sites once you bid and lose you bid and lose. It is nice to be able to earn something simply by doing something you would do anyway at the site. This is a nice incentive to choose this site over other penny auction sites.  


Overall, The review shows this to be a legit site and is not a scam, however most people seem to like better for finding deals on big ticket items.