Bidfun Reviews. Is Legit or a Scam



Bidfun Reviews. Is Legit or a Scam?  









The Bidfun reviews show that this is a penny auction website. There are literally hundreds of penny auction websites so trying to pull away from the pack and stand out a bit has become a real challenge for the hosts of these sites. While penny auctions are becoming more popular, consumers can still find better deals using a service like 


The Bidfun reviews, like all penny auction websites requires that you buy your bids up front. This fact does not seem to bother too many people as evidenced by the popularity of the sites, but frankly it bothers me. I just don’t like paying up front for something that I may or may not get. If I am going to gamble I want to do it in a casino or buy a lottery ticket which at least I know I am probably not going to get anything for my money.  





Every penny auction has those bid packs that you have to purchase and is no different except they are called “bid points”. Bid points at cost anywhere from eighty cents to a dollar. Whoa buddy that is high for industry standards especially for a site that looks like a five year old threw together.  


That for me is strike one! Why would I pay a dollar a bid and lose ninety nine cents on every dollar when I can visit another penny auction site and pay as low as thirty cents a bid and lose twenty nine cents on a dollar? 


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For a buck a bid the items better be rare. Well here is strike two; the items are run of the mill penny auction fare. You can find a lot of gift cards. The Walmart gift cards are my favorite; why I ask would anyone bid on a $25 Walmart gift card? Geez, Walmart is everywhere I pass two everyday why would I spend three hours and much money to “win” a Walmart gift card? Totally counterintuitive.  


While there are deals to be had at, consumers should learn how the penny auction process works before placing any bids. 


Overall, the Bidfun reviews show that is a legit site and is not a scam, however a better alternative might be for those people looking for a deal.