Bigdeal Review – Is Legit or a Scam?



Bigdeal Review – Is Legit or a Scam?  


The Bigdeal review shows that this is a penny auction website that offers hundreds of new products up for auction. The cost of participating in the auction is seventy five cents per bid. You buy your bids in bid packs that range in size for example a bid pack with 30 tokens costs $22.50. While there are deals to be had at penny auctions, most customers seem to prefer for deals on big ticket items. 




This is typical of how most penny auctions work you buy your bids up front and than use them to bid at the auction of your choice. The only real problem here is that you lose money whether you win or lose.  


One of the nice options that is the buy it now option. If you lose at auction you still have the option of buying the item below retail cost. This works out pretty good if you have your heart set on something.  


Loyalty Rewards 


The Bigdeal review shows another stand out feature offered on is the loyalty rewards. You earn points by participating in auctions that you can redeem at the loyalty rewards store. With this option at least your hard earned money is not lost forever at an auction you are still earning points that you can cash in!  




The review shows that the site is easy to navigate and most questions are addressed in the FAQ section which is nice so you don’t have to root around looking for answers. The contact information is comprehensive and there is a liberal return policy which is also clearly posted.  




Here is where the disappointment set in; there was really limited inventory when I visited. This is a disappointment to me because frankly I have no desire to get a $25 Target gift card, maybe it is just me, I might be too busy to hang around for a gift card that I may end up paying $10 for plus shipping and handling which mean my winnings would be around $5. I am lazy and that is far too much effort for $5.  


I would have liked to have seen more high end items.  



If penny auctions are your thing checking this site out is a good idea. Maybe I visited on an off day maybe when you check it out there will be something that you just have to have.  


It seems safe enough and I did not find any negative complaints out there in cyber land. Check it out it may be worth it.  


Overall, the Bigdeal reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however you may also want to check out for deals on big ticket items.