Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam? Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?  




The review shows that this is a website that has jumped on the band wagon and taken advantage of the housing market crash. Millions of people have lost their homes leaving millions of homes up for grabs. From the reviews, some people have found to be a valuable site, although most people seem to prefer  



Overview does not actually auction off property nor does it really supply you anything that you can not get for free. What it does offer you is convenience.  


If you are in the market to either invest in property or to purchase property for private use there is no better time like the present to get in on some really great savings. offers you a way to find foreclosed properties in your area by providing listings of foreclosures that meet your criteria. 



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The Lists  


At basically what you get for your membership is lists of properties, access to a data base that is supposed to be updated frequently that contains information about foreclosed properties.  


The cost is right around $ 10 per week and this is an auto pay type deal. That means you supply your credit card information and unless you cancel your card will be charged every week. Auto pay systems seem to be disliked by most people which is probably why using a service like has become so popular due to the fact that they have a one time fee for a lifetime membership.  


The review shows that there is a seven day free trial but if you do not cancel within those seven days than the payment will come out. The free trial costs you $1. I know it is only $1 but paying $1 means to me that it is not free.  



The Site  


The site itself is easy to navigate. There is a lot of information on the site including articles and tutorials which is nice. They also offer seminars and classes for real estate professionals.  




Other people that have used the site are a good source to see how things can potentially work out. At ‘ my home is listed on but it has never been in foreclosure I fought for months to have the listing removed!” 


And: “we have a similar issue  a picture of our home and date of foreclosure is listed but we are not in foreclosure and never have been, I read online at least fifty other people are complaining about the same thing” 


One more for the record from “ I could not get these people to stop taking $9.95 a week, I finally called the BBB and filed a complaint and my money was returned after 3 months of erroneous charges!” 


Overall, the reviews shows this to be a legit site and is not a scam, however not as popular as









































 Review – Is a Scam?  


The reviews show that this is a website that takes advantage of the terrible housing situation. Many people think that they will get in on the foreclosures that are out there and make a mint. The reality is a bit different than what it looks like on paper. is a service. It is not a place where you can go to buy foreclosed properties it is a place where you can buy information about foreclosed properties. 


A lot of people head over to believing that they will get the “inside” scoop on how to buy foreclosures. There is no inside scoop. The information that you are looking for and can get for free is widely available from a host of sources. You do not need to pay for this information. 


What do You Get? 


At you get lists of foreclosed properties that you can bid on. Can you bid on them at No! They will give you the address of the property and the county that it is located in. You do the rest yourself. 


You have to still go to the county courthouse to place your bids and you still have to do the research about the property so is a bit of a rip off. Now there are a lot of people out there that would probably disagree with me. 


Some people think that this service is valuable and they are more than happy to pay for it. I say Cheers! If you are willing to put out money for something you can get for completely free, well than have at it. I am not going to pay for something that is public information. I think for the average buyer this service is a waste of funds. 


If you are a developer or a real estate investor than it  may be worth the subscription price (which changes regularly) of $9.95 per week. 


Some Concerns 


My biggest thumbs down on this site is that the subscription price is on auto pay. This means when you sign up for your 7 day “free” trial which costs $3.95 you have to give up your credit card or debit card information so that they can bill you weekly until you cancel. 


Auto-pay scenarios never work for me because my life is hectic and I forget to cancel and typically do not remember until I see the charges at which point I am already out some cash. 


The review shows that the site is well laid out. It does seem professional. If you are really interested in buying foreclosed properties the word on the web is that this is the go to place for that type of activity. You could just head on down to the county court house and get the information for free but if you insist on paying this is a safe bet. 


Subscription Price: $9.95 per week but varies. 

Number of Items: 100's 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


Overall, the reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however may be a better alternative.