Happybidday Review – Is Happybidday.com Legit or a Scam?



Happybidday Review – Is Happybidday.com Legit or a Scam?  







Happbidday.com has a great name. The name invokes happy feelings. It is a penny auction site which really can benefit from those happy feelings. This penny auction site like all penny auction sites requires that you purchase bids up front before you start bidding. While there are some good deals to be had at penny auctions, most of the customers that we have reviews prefer using a service like AuctionResource.org for finding deals online. 





The cost of the bids at happybidday.com are between fifty and eighty cents depending on t he size of the bid pack you purchase. The more bids you purchase the lower the cost of the bids.  



Some Features I Love  


Typically I do not get too excited about penny auction sites but something just really grabbed my attention at happybidday.com. Maybe it was the joyful atmosphere but more than likely it was the 50 free bids you get when you register!!! 



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Fifty free bids is a definite decent amount of bids, and you can use those bids to earn rewards in their rewards program. This really was exciting to me. You get 50 free bids just for registering and you can also earn 20 free bids for referring friends, if you could get 3 friends to register that would be another 60 bids and they would still get their 50 free bids so it is not like you would be throwing them under the bus.  


I love freebies and this site had a dynamite freebie offer. You also get 100 free bids for your birthday. The one catch with the freebies is that you can use your free bids at the “happy auctions only” this means you can only bid on the auctions that have the smiley face next to the bid button but you know what that was fine with me there were some cutesy things to choose from and as long as I am not shelling anything out its fine with me.  



Other Stuff I Liked  


I do have to mention that the inventory when I visited was not anything you would write home to mom about but I did like the way they combined their auctions. For example an Ipod Nano was being offered up along with 25 bids, so if you won the Nano for say 50 bids you were actually only really losing 25 bids. I kind of like that.  



This site really rocks. It goes beyond the inventory for me, I figure penny auctions are supposed to be fun and this place is fun. It is vibrant and you get lots of free stuff, generally speaking free is fun. I would say definitely try it out.  


Overall, The Happybidday review shows that Happybidday.com is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people have found better deals using a service like AuctionResource.org