Legit Car Auction Websites



Legit Car Auction Websites  


Legit car auction websites can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars on your next car purchase. The problem is determining which of the many car auction websites are legit. From our experiences, Auctionresource.org seems to be the most popular choice. 





Legit car auctions websites are not that hard to recognize if you know what you are looking for. You want to base your decision on whether the site is legit or not on some specific criteria.  


That criteria is an industry wide standard that seems to be connected to all the legit car auction websites. In other words if an auction site is legit it will have certain inherent qualities that are easily recognized.  


Easy To Contact


One of the tell tale signs that you are doing business with legit car auction websites is the manner in which you can reach customer service. Most legit car auction websites have a physical address that you can write to or walk into, they have a phone number listed that is answered by a real person during specific hours that are posted.  


Think of it this way if you went to an actual car dealership and the windows were blacked out and you could not see in to the business and every time you called you got voice mail you probably would not want to do business with that dealership.  


Legit care auction websites are like dealerships you want to be able to at least catch a glimpse of the business and you want to be able to speak to someone if you have any questions or concerns.  


It’s All In Writing  


The legit  car auction websites put everything in writing. You should be able to understand the terms of use and any other agreements that you have to acknowledge if something seems fishy to you than don’t sign anything and move on to another site.  


This is a big deal! Make sure you get everything in writing and don’t agree to what you do not understand, you may lose any legal footing if you do!  


There are legit car auction websites but you have to be realistic when you are considering using the sites that are available. Remember if something sounds too good to be true it is. The simplest answer is nine times out of ten the right answer. So if you find yourself asking questions about practices or policies that seem a bit off to you they probably are, only use the site that you feel comfortable using.  


There are so many legit car auction websites that you do not have to stick around a place that you are uncomfortable. From customer feedback, Auctionresource.org is probably the most reliable auction listing service on the web.