Legit Penny Auction Sites



Legit Penny Auction Sites  


Legit penny auction sites are plastered across the web. It seems that every start up out there dreams of being the next penny auction sensation. There’s literally hundreds of penny auction sites. The majority of penny auction sites area legit penny auction sites. While these types of sites are becoming more popular, most people still prefer to use a service like AuctionResource.org for finding deals. 



How do you distinguish between the legit and the not so legit? 


Of course there are steps to determine which of the penny auction websites are legit penny auction sites. A few well planned steps before you begin to bid can save you money and aggravation in the end. . 



Most Businesses  


You can bank on the fact that unlike popular belief most businesses including penny auction sites on the web are legit businesses that just happen to use the web to reach as many people as they can. Some people disagree.  


Some people would say the opposite is true that most businesses including penny auction websites are just brimming with scams and illegal and immoral practices. It really comes down to perspective because there just aren’t that many cold hard facts regarding scams online.  


Of course it does not hurt to take a few extra steps to protect yourself  just in case.  



The Steps  


Step 1 in determining which sites are legit penny auction sites is to listen to the buzz. People love to post about their experiences online. You can check out what other people have to say about a penny auction site by doing a simple search of the sites name and the word ‘scam’.  


Step 2 is easy enough as well. When you are considering a penny auction site and want to see if it is a site that is legit CALL! You can call customer service and chat them up, ask questions and get a feel for the business. No phone number posted, not a good sign. It does not mean that the site is a scam it just means if you have a problem on the site youu have no real way of contacting someone immediately. 


Step 3 listen to your vibe. If you get a bad feeling about a site than just move on, you do not have to use any particular site you have choices.  



Some Obvious Choices  


There are some really safe bets when it comes to legit penny auction sites. You can count on:  


  • Bidcactus.com 
  • Beezid.com 
  • Ubid.com 
  • Happybidday.com  


This is a really short list of options you literally have hundreds to choose from. Finding legit penny auction sites is easy and with a little caution you can bid the day away without fear. However, most of the people that we have reviews seem to prefer using a service like AuctionResource.org for finding deals online.