Policeauctions.com Review – Is Policeauctions.com Legit or a Scam?



Policeauctions.com Review – Is Policeauctions.com Legit or a Scam? 








The Policeauctions.com review shows that this is a website that gives you the impression that it sells off government surplus. The site is not affiliated with any specific agency or state. It is basically a site that sells lists of government auctions from different agencies but it is not a government run site. While there are deals to be had here, consumers seem to prefer Auctionresource.org for finding deals at government auctions.



Policeauctions.com Review - Overview 



The landing page has all these items that are up for auction and claims to register is free but by doing a little research into what free means I realized that registering for free simply means that you can log in and get some general information but because the goal is to get your money so they can send you some lists with some auctions on them of course registration is not free.


The landing page has pictures of high end sports cars with a banner that states “bid for free” just shady as far as I am concerned because it gives you the impression once you join for free than you will be able to bid on that incredible looking fire engine red Corvette.


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The Cost 


Membership cost is relatively low at $7.95 per month so you are not going to lose a heap of money but you really have to consider what you are getting f or that $7.95 per month. For what you are getting, this is really not a bad price as the information will save you a lot of time.


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Overall, the Policeauctions.com review shows that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however AuctionResource.org seems to be a more popular choice for finding government owned property.



















































Policeauctions.com Review #2


The Policeauctions.com review shows that this is an auction website. Just about everyone has heard about auctions that are driven by government surplus and seizures. The name of this site lures you in because it seems like this is a police auction site. It is not. 


This is an auction site but this is not a government surplus auction site. As long as you understand that you are not dealing with government surplus than you should be ok at this site. 


The Site 


I did not like the FAQ page. It was complicated to use. You had to pick a topic, than pick a subject to the topic and hope that you get an answer to your question. The site was also not that easy to navigate. There was a lot of information to weed through to get to the auctions. 


Inventory at Policeauctions.com 


I would say it is a safe bet to say that 80% of the inventory on this website is jewelry. There was tons of jewelry. Jewelry that I would say was drastically overestimated when it came to the value of the jewelry. 


Policeauctions.com Review - Comments on the Web 


I know when I am reading other peoples comments about a site that it should be taken with a grain of salt because sometimes people are bitter when they lose at an auction. When I read reviews from people that have WON at the auction and their complaints are centered around the items they won. 


At RipoffReport.com I found numerous complaints about the quality of the items that were won. Here is a sampling: 


I recently purchased 16 items from PoliceAuctions.com. 12 out of 16 are falsely advertise. I requested 6 Returned Merchandise Authorization numbers, so far I did received none. I also took 6 jeweries to IW Marks Jewelers and to a gemplogist to appraise. Guess what, the Direct Buy Price was 900% above actual market values, the colors, sizes, and weights are less than they (PoliceAuctions.com) stated in their advertisement. 




policeauctions.com is a total SCAM please be ware of they steal your money !! i bid on a necklace valued for $1, 020.00!!! which i won the bid at $58.00, and when I took it to have it evaluated, to four differents jewelers and the piece was worth NOTHING!! A COMPLETE FAKE!! nothing, one jeweler told me it probably costed .99 cents only!!! so, I called to have them return my money, I had to send it back, pay for shipping and police auctions.com told me to send the "fake jewel" with insurance!!! which I had to pay!! a piece of crap! THEY NEED TO BE PERSECUTED! FOR STEALING MONEY!!  


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Overall, the Policeauctions.com reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however there seems to be a lot of complaints about it. 





Policeauctions Review – Any Complaints About Policeauctions.com


Policeauctions.com is not a police auction site. While they do offer some municipal auctions they are far and few in between. Depending on who you are asking. Policeauctions is a jewelery manufacturer that is using the site as a front to get rid of their inventory. According to the site itself it is not affiliated with any municipal organization but does allow municipal organizations to auction off their surplus.


In either case the majority of the inventory does reflect the first opinion because the majority of the inventory is in fact jewelry. There are some collectible items thrown in for good measure but not a lot of other goods.


The Problem


This site is doing a bit of play on words to suck the consumer in which ultimately is not illegal and is a common advertising tactic. Unfortunately it also sets the consumer up for disappointment but evidently quite a few stick around to participate in the auctions.


The next problem is that there are some complaints about the quality of the items that are won. Since the majority of items being auctioned are jewelery so it does stand to reason that is where the majority of complaints lie.


Customers have lodged complaints against the site for receiving items that are not what was described. Some people have taken their jewelry to appraisers only to find that the jewelry is not even worth the amount of money that they won it at auction for.


The Site


The site is easy to use. There is only one way to contact the company and that is via a webform that you fill out. The company states on the site that they return all questions within 24 business hours. The FAQ is a bit confusing to use. You have to pick a category than pick a topic to see if your questions are addressed or not.




The inventory in a word is “not enough”. There is not a lot of inventory to choose from. There is a lot of jewelry that is largely competitive where it states the value of the pieces and frankly some of the bidding that was going on was way up there in cost.


There were some art and collectibles that were being offered for auction but unless you are a collector of a specific item than it is likely not going to be that interesting to the average consumer.


Overall, the Policeauctions review shows that this is a legitimate site and not a scam with not too many complaints.