Reviews – Is Propertyroom Legit or a Scam? Reviews – Is Propertyroom Legit or a Scam? 





The review shows that this is an auction website. This site was started by a couple of former policemen. The name carries the connotation that this would be a site that had something to do with law enforcement surplus. It actually did start out as a way for government agencies to auction off their surplus and still does offer that feature but it also offers merchants a way of selling off their items as well. While there are some deals to be had here, most of the people we have review have had better success using a service like






This site has a really eclectic inventory. Some of the items are over the top expensive and really high end we are talking thousands of dollars but there are a lot of items that are priced well.




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How It Woks  


This Ebayesque site of course requires registration. Registration is completely free there are no hidden costs associated with registration the only thing you ever pay for is the items you win!  


Selling is not open to the general public all of the merchants on the site that sell their wares are legitimate businesses or government agencies.  


You place your bids as you would at any auction and hopefully win!  



Things I Like  


I like this site because the information is genuine and up front. It was easy to navigate and there is literally thousands of items that are listed. There is something for everyone. I liked the fact that the site was a straight forward site without any gimmicks.  


I would say that this site could give Ebay the auction giant a run for its money.  


There really wasn’t anything I did not like about this site. It was easy to use and navigate the information was well laid out. The contact information was comprehensive and generally it seems like a very safe environment.  


There is only one thing that kind of irritates me. I am not a very patient person so I kind of wish that the auctions were set for shorter periods of time. Some auctions were days long and I get why that is done, obviously the vendor wants to see how much they can get for the item and the longer it is up the longer people will bid and raise the stakes. To me that is just to frustrating.  


I liked this site. I would recommend it and think that it really is a contender to unseat the giant Ebay. Worth a look there is a lot to look at!  


Overall, the reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however seems to be a more popular choice. 




























































 Reviews – A Real Live Auction Site!


It may seem a bit strange to get excited about an auction site that is “real” but with the onset of the thousands of auction sites finding one that is legitimate can really make your day. is a real live auction site it is everything that you would expect from an auction site.


This site was started by a couple of police officers that saw a need and wanted to fill it. The site started out by offering a way for municipal organizations to auction off their goods online instead of the traditional “off the steps” model.


As time proved that there was a huge market for these types of auctions the owners of the site added more government agencies to the list of agencies that could use the site. Over time the demand became so high from consumers that wanted to find that “perfect” deal that wholesale distributors are now able to offer their goods as well.


Propertyroom Reviews - Things I love About This Site


The reviews of this site are overwhelmingly positive and after perusing the site it is obvious why the site is so popular. The items that are up for auction come with a clear description AND there are plenty of categories that contain tons of items.


The condition of the items range from brand new to used. The descriptions are clear cut and easy to understand which makes bidding with a certain level of confidence a lot more comfortable. Having straight forward information makes it a lot easier to feel comfortable with bidding.


The contact information for the company is also very straight forward which is also a good quality. You can easily contact customer care if you have any questions. There is a phone number posted, the address is posted and information about the owners. This adds some legitimacy to the website.




You can still find some great deals from municipal police departments and other government agencies at AND you can also find a slew of items from wholesalers. There are plenty of great deals available and there is plenty of opportunities for everyone that wants to, to get involved in the auctions and have a fair chance at winning.


This site is a really good bet if you are looking for a reliable auction site. As with any online transaction be sure that you read the fine when you register. Not that there is anything in particular to be weary of but you do want to be sure that you understand completely what it is that you are bidding on and your responsibility in the process.


The review shows that this is a great site that is easy to use and worry free. It is reliable and will meet or exceed your expectations!