Quibids Review – Is Quibids.com Legit or a Scam?



Quibids Review – Is Quibids.com Legit or a Scam?  




The Quibids review shows that this site is definitely making some headway in the penny auction popularity forum. Once a little known company trying to break into the penny auction game, it is now well known among penny auction lovers. While there are some deals to be had with penny auctions, many of the people we have reviewed prefer using a service like AuctionResource.org for finding deals on big ticket items. 




The review shows that this is your typical penny auction site but there are a couple of things that sets it apart. For one there is a huge advertising campaign that has saturated the media with information about quibids.com. This advertising campaign has been hugely responsible for making Quibids.com a well known penny auction site.  


The fact that the site is super easy to use also helps makes Quibids.com a top contender in the penny auction arena. That triple A rating from the Better Business Bureau also adds credibility to the site.  


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The Cost  


Like every other penny auction site you have to buy your bids up front. At quibids.com the bids are sold in packs called bid packs each individual bid in the pack costs sixty cents each. This is right around the medium industry standard.  



Some Features I Like  


The Quibids reviews show that this site offers extensive tutoring in using the site and in winning. I like being able to get some tips and tricks because I think that it really does improve your chances of winning if you have enough information to follow.  



I also like the buy it now option. With the buy it now option you can buy merchandise that you have been bidding on if you lose the bidding war. Used bids are credited toward the purchase price so you don’t lose any money.  





This site is easy to use. If I have one complaint it is that there may be a bit too much information offered.  





The inventory when I visited was well stocked and there was a fair offering of high end items. Of course there was the usual gift cards and bid packs up for grabs but they were balanced nicely with other higher end items.  



Bottom Line 


If you are new to the penny auctions this is a great site to start out at even if you don’t bid but just use the tutorials.  


I like this site which is strange because I am not a big fan of the penny auction. I just think that this site goes above and beyond to even the playing field a bit and they also work hard to insure that you really understand what you are doing.  



Overall, the Quibids review shows this to be a legit site and is not a scam, however AuctionResource.org seems to be a more popular choice. 











































Quibids Review – Is Quibids.com Legit or a Scam?  


The Quibids review shows that this is an auction website, a Penny Auction website to be specific. Bids will cost you fifty cents each, they are worth one cent each. Yes you do lose money long before you start to bid but like every other penny auction site you have the chance to win big ticket items for literally pennies on the dollar. 


Quibids.com differs from other Penny Auction sites in that it is slowly becoming a household name thanks to a very aggressive advertising campaign. The use of modern media has quickly spread the word about Quibids.com. 


Site Information 


The Quibids.com reviews show that this is an easy to use website. There is something for everyone at Quibids.com. Whether you are a novice or a professional bidder you will appreciate the ease at which you can use quibids.com. The site is super easy to navigate everything is laid out exactly where it needs to be to make browsing the site comfortable. 


There is a comprehensive FAQ page that really did address most of my questions. I liked that my questions were easily answered and I did not have to actually contact anyone at the site to get my answers. 


Bad News 


I checked out some of the independent reviews left by users on other sites about Quibids.com. I did find some negative stuff, but most of it seemed to be sour grapes. People left negative comments that applied to their ability to win on the site when frankly everyone has the opportunity to win and sometimes you just do not. 


I did not find anything that gave me the impression that this was not trustworthy site. In other words there were no complaints that someone did not get items that they paid for or lost money other than by bidding and losing it. 


Some Warnings 


If you do not have money to lose and have your eye on one specific item that you need than you do not need to be at any of the Penny Auction sites. You will lose some money it may be only a few dollars but if you are not prepared to lose money than you should avoid this and all penny auction sites. 


Plan your strategy carefully and pay attention. There are no real tricks to winning other than persistence. 




A decent penny auction site and well worth the try if Penny Auctions are your thing. 


Subscription Price: $0 

Number of Items: 100's 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


Overall, the Quibids review shows that Quibids.com is a legit site and is not a scam, however not as popular as Auctionresource.org.