Reviews – Is Legit or Scam? Reviews – Is Legit or Scam?


The reviews show that this is a web based auctioneer. This site takes boats on consignment and auctions them off, in many cases these boats are sold off on Ebay. When I visited this site there were 0 boats for sale, it was all boat parts and they were all being listed on Ebay.


The site is no frills and I think most of the energy is put into the Ebay listing. Again there were no boats for auction on the day I visited just boat parts. As a matter of fact there were no water craft available at all. If you are someone looking for a deal on a boat you may want to check out as many people are reporting good deals there.


Good Points about


The site is not a frilly complicated site. The listings are laid out as a list. This was  good because it made getting around the site easy. It was not so good because there were no categories of items so I had to scroll through the list to see what they were offering.


It seems like this is a pretty straight forward site. There was not a lot of information to surf through so surfing was pretty easy!


Not so Good Points


I read in the FAQ that it is recommended that you wire transfer money or make a direct deposit for your purchases into the sites bank account. Although this may very well be a very legitimate dealer I totally feel uncomfortable doing this. I would not recommend this practice to anyone and I am surprised that this site would recommend it.


Another not so good point is that there were no boats being auctioned! The site bills itself as the lowest costing auction site on the web for BOATS and there was not one boat for auction. That is a bit disappointing.


The review shows that the FAQ were not really helpful and there was only a web form available to contact the owners of the site. I do not like that there is not more help available than a web form, it would deter me from using the site.



I just am not sure about this site. I guess because they sell through Ebay most of the time you can use your Paypal to pay them. Do not send, wire, transfer or deposit cash! I like to think that this site may not be what it promises to be but it is relatively harmless.


There is no cost to check it out so you do not lose anything by checking things out just don't expect greatness.


Subscription Price: $0

Number of Items: Maybe 100

Geographical Location:  International Shipping


Overall, the review shows that this is a legit site and not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding good deals online.