Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam? Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?






The reviews show that this is not an auction website as the name implies. According to Wikipedia, the online auction business model is one in which participants bid for products and services over the internet. This is an information site that gives you the opportunity to have access to government auction information. While this site can indeed be beneficial, most of the consumers that we have reviewed seem to prefer better for finding deals online. 





The about us page talks about how time consuming looking for government auctions can be and how using this service can save you days and days of research. Frankly I do not know how true all of that is.  


Clearly if you have made it to this site than you have internet access, most all government agencies across the  US have websites. I would think that the websites would have government auction information posted when the auctions were available.  



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Here is my main dilemma; government surplus auctions very rarely occur weekly or even monthly they are typically spread out more on a quarterly basis which means that you can potentially be paying for this service for months before an auction is announced in your area.  



The Cost  


Nothing in life is free and clearly this site is there to make money. The cost for membership is $1.00 for the seven day free trial and than a whopping $39.95 per month after the seven day free trial.  


This payment is an auto pay deal so once you give up your credit card information than each and every month that payment will come out until you cancel and you have to cancel by a certain time of the month or you get charged again.  


Some people don’t like the auto pay program so you will need to decide for yourself it this program is for you are not. 


Overall, the reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using for finding deals on big ticket items.