Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?

 Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?  





To clarify has nothing to do with the Housing and Urban Development agency. This website is a foreclosure type website. There are deals to be had at this site, however most of the people we have reviewed seem to prefer better. 





At first glance it is kind of hard to tell exactly what this site has to offer. On one page it seems like it is foreclosure help to people who are at risk on another page it seems like they are offering real estate folks a way to become certified foreclosure specialist on their website. On yet another page it was a foreclosure listing service there was also some information about mortgage loans.  


It was confusing to say the least. The only thing I could determine immediately was that anyone that was looking for HUD could easily click on the wrong link and wind up here thinking that they were at a HUD authorized site.  



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Down the Rabbit Hole  


I wanted to see what they had to say in the FAQ section and one of the questions that was posted and highlighted as a link was in connected to US HUD I clicked the link and was redirected back to the landing page. That was weird.  


This site is really just a bunch of advertising for other sites. It is a shell. It collects your information and gets you on the mailing list and sells that information to other companies that may have some information you are interested in. For example say you are interested in mortgage information you have to at some point agree to be contacted before you know it your inbox is full and your phone rings incessantly.  


You do not pay to use this site because the folks that are going to be calling you are paying the site for your information or per each person they get to agree to get some information.  


Overall, the reviews show this to be a legit site and is not a scam, however using a service like for finding a deal on a foreclosure might be a better choice.